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Love sees truly the humanity of others and is willingly blind to flaws for even the worse of men have been refined by the blazing fire of true love’s intensity. Love is a weapon and the wielder matters for corrupt men have plundered virtues and become tyrants in the secret places of women in the name of “love”.
~Verse three of the book of Ihun’anya

Nene sat quietly on her bed, a red teddy bear — which Kennedy has bought her to apologise for his behaviour towards her visitor — snuggled between her laps as she listened to her friends talking about Charles’s visit.

Nkechi waved her long hands in the air and rolled her eyes, “Duh, I can’t believe you let him kiss you and the worse part is that you kissed him back!”
“Asin ehhh, the thing tire me sef,” Kendra said as she bounced up and down on the bed looking like a round black ball of flesh.

Nene stared into her laps, looking at the heart sewn onto the teddy’s arms. I LOVE you were written in large capital letters on the heart’s surface.
“Nene o! Did you not hear what we just said?” Kendra said as she shook Nene.
Nene looked up, “oh oh, don’t mind me. I heard you guys but what do you want me to say? that boy just gives me the jivies. I think we have chemistry.”

“hmmm, why is biology and statistics not also there?” Nkechi thundered, “ Nene you have a boyfriend o. Better, know what you’re doing o.”
“I’m just confused. Can’t I like them both? Kennedy is so mature and caring but when I’m around Charles it’s like I’m on fire.” Nene said pouting.

“But come o, what if people find out you’re entangled with that boy? seeing as he’s a newbie or worse If Kennedy finds out.” Kendra furrowed her eyebrows in concentration and put her hand on her temple as though thinking.
“Leave me alone abeg. How will they find out except one of you gossips about it? ”
“No o,” They replied together.

“Don’t make much fuss about it then. Let’s just be watching as things go. ”
“Okay, ” they replied.
Nkechi began to tell them about the lecturer who had been set up. He had tried to have sex with an engaged to be married student and the girl and her fiancee had lured him to a hotel near the school campus where the police had apprehended him naked as headed his advances.

They watched enraptured as she showed them the video on her phone.
Bobby sat on the plastic chair, looking through a book that lay open on the table. He raised his head and turned to look at Charles huddled at the head of the bed, smiling to himself as he chatted on whatsapp.

He got up and made as though to go ease himself in the bathroom but turned and snatched the phone out of Charles’s hands. He laughed, holding the phone high in the air as Charles struggled with him trying to get it back.

“Oboy, stop this nonsense na, ” Charles said as tried to wrest the phone out of his grip.
“wait na, let me see who you’re chatting with.”
“Is it your business? ”
“It is o, especially as your were smiling so hard, you distracted me from my reading. It’s Nene ahbi?”
“What if it is?”
“I knew it.You’re officially stricken. That kiss has just dragged you deep into another world of infatuation with her. ”

Charles wrestled Bobby to the ground and snatched his phone from him. “It’s not infatuation. It’s love.”
Bobby laughed so hard, tears formed at the side of his eyes as he stood up, dusting his clothes. “Love indeed. The girl will break your heart, abi she has a boyfriend.”
“so? ”
“He’s almost through school and has money. You have not started sef and you broke on your own as e be sef. She wouldn’t leave him for you”

“Guy you’re too negative abeg. Leave me na. Abi because I’m keeping quiet about bumping into you and Cynthia engaged in Eh Eh Eh…. ” “Forget that thing guy. I mumu say I no lock that door but omo that girl sweet die. She de feel my vibes too much and e de give me joy. Anyway don’t fuck up o, you need to come lemme coach you on her to make a woman happy.”

“Tah! I don’t need coaching abeg. I’ll be a virgin till I marry.”
“Keep jonsing yourself. It doesn’t end at kissing o. This stuff you have with this girl must take away your virginity if it goes on.”
“No reason am guy, until that time comes.” Charles laughed. “I have a chat to return to. I’m trying to convince her to join me for night class.”

“That’s good. Your first date will be spend reading in school with mosquitoes biting you and sleep interrupting the reading”
“That’s perfect na. At least we can talk and walk about if we feel sleepy.”
“Alright na.”
“She just agreed.”
“Is that why you’re disturbing my ears.”
“Do you know how long it took me to convince her? ”

“Okay o, mr convincer. Let me go and see if Cynthia cooked anything today. I don tire to chop indomie.” He made as though he wanted to snatch Charles’s phone again as he walked to the door. Charles reflexively moved his phone shooting him a hard stare.
“Oboy take am easy o,” he said chuckling as he exited the room.

With Bobby out of the room, Charles chatted for a while and then slept in order to be able to stay awake during the night class.
He dreamt of holding. Nene under the moonlight, whispering sweet words to her and watching as the rays from the moon covered up part of her blushes.
He awoke to the ringing of his alarm. It was time for night class.

Jesse Asonze
Asonze Jesse is a Nigerian poet, storyteller, spoken word performer and public speaker from Owerri, Imo state. A medical student and an avid reader of books; he likes to dissect and breeze through paragraphs searching out meanings and comprehending the mystery of turning words into images. His works have appeared on, and several magazines in print.. He loves to meet people and have powerful conversations that have the potential to change lives.


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