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A MUST READ: Reducing Your Risk of Cancer.

Cancer is a disease condition in which a part of the body grows without control or grows abnormally. These growths are called tumors. Any part of the body could be affected by cancer, however some body tissues tend to be more prone to cancers than others. Cancers are generally named according to the organ affected, so we have breast cancer, liver cancer and so on.

There is little relief in knowing that cancers are not transmissible, there is  however much to be worried about considering the fact that cancers can move from their original site to other body sites and complicate the picture, making cancer treatment very difficult. This is why cancers are said to be malignant. More so cancers  cause untold physical and mental pains to the victim. Cancers are also dangerous because they  could develop progressively without being noticed and may start to produce symptoms only when they have reached advanced stages.

A good question to ask is what really causes cancer?The answer to this question is hardly straigthforward and concise.Cancers have been discovered to be caused mainly by a host of environmental factors such as chemicals and radiations as well as a few infectious agents especially viruses.Certain lifestyles including diet,occupation as well as habits have also been linked to certain forms of cancer.However certain individuals are genetically predisposed to cancers.

This means that such individuals have inherited traits from either or both of their parents that increases their chances of developing cancer. Except with sophisticated technology which we obviously lack, it is practically impossible to tell who is more likely to develop cancer. A family history of cancer however is a strong indication that an individual may be at risk of developing cancer.

In terms of age, cancer can occur at any age. However it has been proven that the risk of developing cancer increases with age. Cancer also affects both sexes. The link between lifestyle and cancer has also been supported by the fact that certain cancers tend to occur in certain regions with a particular lifestyle. Indeed, globalisation has caused the redistribution of diseases  such as cancer across the world, due to the spread and adoption of new lifestyles.

This is why certain forms of cancer, which before now  where associated with western or developed countries, are now increasing  in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa, where they have been rare.

From all that has been said, it follows that virtually every one of us is at risk of developing cancer, given  that one way or the other,we come in contact with,or are exposed to those factors that cause cancers,the so called carcinogens.Certain individuals however are at more risk as a result of genetic predisposition, lifestyle,diet,occupation and so on.

Having said much about cancer, the most important thing to understand are ways of protecting ourselves.Here are few tips:

1)Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.These contain vitamins and other constituents called anti oxidants that are potent anti cancer agents

2)Eat more of freshly prepared food as against processed foods.Many of the chemical preservatives as we know are highly carcinogenic.

3)Quit smoking and alcohol intake.Both alcohol and cigeratte smoking cause cancer.Indulging in both  multiplies the risks

4)Avoide or minimize your exposures to radiation from Xrays,phones and even sunlight

5)Regular medical checkups especially for those who are  from families with a positive history of cancer.In fact early detection is key in the management of cancers.

6)Keeping chemical substances such as soaps,detergents, cream etc far from edible materials in the home

7)General personal and environmental hygiene that will help to get rid of substances we may have come in contact with either accidentally or intentionally.

Preventing cancer comes at a cost, but treating and managing it come at a way more greater and higher cost!

©Ubima Solomon


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